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Next Best Baker in America?

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Being an Atlanta food Influencer has allowed me to eat some amazing food as well as meet the amazing and talented people behind the food. They have all been talented masters of their craft and very interesting people, but one lovely lady in particular has caught the attention of myself and many many other food lovers in Atlanta.

Lasheeda Perry is the Executive Pastry Chef for the stunning Bar Margot located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta. She has been in Atlanta for only a year and a half But has definitely found her spot in the Atlanta food scene. Lasheeda is a bright and bubbly personality, that shines through and into her desserts like her popular ube donuts and my favorite dessert in Atlanta, dulce de leche cake with pretzel ice cream. She continues to come up with more and more creative desserts and has even started a YouTube channel called Bar Margot Bites.

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She recently has had an amazing opportunity to be on The Food Network’s Best Baker in America, a baking competition that includes pastry chefs from all over America. I sat down on the phone with Lasheeda to ask her a few questions about her background, how she came to be on the show and her strategy for winning; or at least hang on for as long as she can!

Courtesy of Food Network

Courtesy of Food Network

Lasheeda got into pastry due to her huge sweet tooth but also from a little inspiration from a high school teacher. She was able to get a full scholarship to Johnson and Wales University through C-CAP (Careers Through Culinary Arts Program). After school she did an externship in Ireland and ended up in Atlanta!

When Lasheeda started her YouTube page Bar Margot Bites a “how to” on some of her favorite recipes and desserts from the restaurant, Food Network saw her videos and loved them! They reached out to her PR people at Msquared and asked her to compete on their show “Best Baker in America”! It features pastry chefs from all over America competing in stages with each challenge harder than the previous. The winner will receive $25,000 and the title of Best Baker in America.

The show premiered Monday May 5th at 9pm and Lasheeda did pretty good and made it to the next round, but just barely!! I have a ton of faith in her though and know she’ll do the best she can.

I asked her what her strategy on the show would be and she simply stated, “Just have fun and I’m going to be me”. I also asked what concerned her most about the competition and it was mostly the unknown aspect of the show as Food Network is known for throwing curve balls at their contestants. The time constraints and just being in a new kitchen are also on her mind but she’s not gonna take it too seriously and like stated previously, “just have fun!”. She does have a little experience in being on TV as she was also on the Food Network show “Sweet Genius” about six years ago.

Overall, Lasheeda is just excited to be on the show and wants to “inspire young black females that may be watching”. What she wants to do if she wins the money is pay off her student loans, take a vacation to Ireland to visit her niece and put some into savings.

As we were finishing up our conversation the last question had to be about Instagram so I asked what Instagram food trend she liked or disliked most. She laughed (as she did pretty much the entire interview) and said she “has a love hate for the unicorn food trend”. She gets the whole appeal of it but likes when food has a more natural color and tries to omit unnecessary food coloring in her baking. She says that’s why she loved doing the ube donuts because the beautiful purple is really from the purple yams (that’s what ube is, for those of you that weren’t sure!).

No matter the outcome of the show, I know Lasheeda will continue to amaze and delight the sweet tooth of Atlanta and I look forward to seeing what will come next for this great chef!

Arielle Kleinman